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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why I'd make a terrible cat burglar

For my internship this summer, I have to obtain a government security clearance. As such, I've filled out several different forms and input piles of personal information into government websites. So in the unlikely event you're contacted about me, please say something nice!

Most recently, and memorably, was the fingerprinting "adventure" I suffered through. Fingerprinting is (crossing my... fingers) the last step in obtaining the security clearance. To have them taken, I went with my Mom up to Salt Lake to the Northrop Grumman office, an appointment having been made previously. It turns out the ink method is now archaic, and prints are all digital these days. Which I'm sure is great in terms of ease and efficiently for 99% of the population, but it also turns out the print machine is rather picky and requires a perfect image to validate the fingerprints.
Well, what if you can't actually move your fingers into the required positions? Or what if your joints are really tight and like to involuntarily clench up? That makes those perfect images pretty difficult to capture. And by "pretty difficult" I mean four pairs of hands, a full hour of effort, and a handful of swears (not from me, I promise!) It was a little bit of a spectacle I'm sure, but hey the prints finally got taken and are presumably acceptable.

Ironically, if you think about it the whole thing was a colossal waste of time. Why would I need to be fingerprinted? My hands and fingers would be useless in committing any kind of crime. If anything I should have had tire marks put on file - that's what will really identify me at the crime scene.

No deep message on this one. I just thought I'd share and encourage you to laugh at these kind experiences rather than be frustrated and annoyed! It makes life much brighter.

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