"Miracles are never wrought without prayer, felt need, and faith...they are the natural result of the Messiah's presence among men."
Bible Dictionary

Friday, March 27, 2015

Miracles (1 of 3)

Can we ever doubt that God is watching over us? Well sure, I guess. It's a pretty human thing to do to cast uncertainty over things we can't see in front of us. But should we doubt him? Or more importantly, does he really have an active hand in our lives? 

I would submit to you that he does. And it's much more of an effect than we often think. In fact, the reality that we are watched over and blessed by God makes all the difference in our lives. For me, this truth is what helps and empowers me to continue to live life to the fullest (see my previous post below, meme with purple heart).
But what does any of that really mean? It sounds nice, but for some it may just seem like words. And words, like wind, are fleeting.
Simply put, for me it means this:
1. Things work out.
2. I can have joy.

A lot if times, things work out for us and we don't recognize that God's hand was in it. Actually I would say almost every time that's the case. But miracles do occur for us...and they aren't always miraculous. Often we're blessed through the efforts of other people, or by trying "just one more time", or maybe a solution to a problem just pops into your head. Here are some examples of "things work out" miracles that I've experienced.

By April 2012, I had exhausted the possible sources of quality physical therapy options close to home in Arizona. Knowing that I needed more help to continue to recover and regain independence, my family made the difficult decision to separate, sending me and my Mom to Salt Lake City and having my younger siblings stay at home with my Dad. In Salt Lake, I was able to start specialized SCI therapy at NeuroWorx, which we quickly realized was immensely beneficial and something that needed to be continued into the future. Unfortunately, remaining separate from the rest of the family was quite a challenge, and my Mom and I were staying in a small unit in a less than desirable neighborhood that was some distance from NeuroWorx (short term accessible apartments that NeuroWorx makes available for these situations).

With these challenges on our mind, my family attended a session of our church's semi-annual General Conference in Salt Lake. Amongst the thousands of people that were attending, we happened to run into old friends from Arizona. Who now had a place very close in NeuroWorx, in Riverton. Which could be made accessible. Which they were about to leave to embark on a mission to Cambodia. And they would love to have someone living there to watch over it.

Would we have been okay living in the smaller apartment in Salt Lake for longer? Yes. Would we have found somewhere else eventually and been able to figure out what was best for our family? Yes, probably. But being able to move into our friends' home in Riverton was a huge blessing. With all the other struggles and challenges we were dealing with, Heavenly Father took care of that one for us. Could it have been a coincidence that we met up with them and their home was available, and perfect? Maybe. But I don't think so. I think it was a miracle.

I'm planning on writing about two other experiences, but it turns out this is already pretty lengthy. And while you lovely people that read this blog are...lovely, eventually you stop reading when a post gets too long. So let's call this one #1 of 3 and I'll post the penultimate and final entries (on this topic) later on! 
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